When it has been stormy…

It’s often little things, unexpected details that could be so easily missed, that remind you why you keep doing what you do.  And these gifts are not always what or where you expect them to be.

Take the raindrops glistening on this Lady’s Mantle, for instance.

Alchemilla molis

This past weekend, I must have pulled up dozens of self-seeded Lady’s Mantle plants, and cut back many of their yellow blooms where they drooped inconveniently.  Clearing the walkways of those, and some over-expansive geraniums, caused my back some grief. I might have grumbled a bit.

Well, that was then.

I stepped out the door today to be greeted by morning light glinting off the droplets caught in these soft-haired, scalloped leaves.  They glistened and sparkled like nobodies business.

I remembered why I garden. I remembered why it’s good to get outside in the morning, even if it’s raining and even on a Monday.

A gift, a small happiness to savour.

I hope some small beautiful moments encourage you this week.


Herdy Girl

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