Playing in the Garden

In between the weeding, pruning, planting, and cups of tea in the garden, I take the occasional random photo.

The climates of our homes in South Carolina and this one in the Lake District could not be more different.

It was too hot in SC for us to successfully grow Fuchsia, yet we’ve two shrubby trees of it here. The largest is underplanted with Astilbe, Crocosmia, Heuchera, and Alchemilla .

There were roses here already, but we planted Rosa ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ last autumn. Best Beloved and I have had one of these in all but one of our gardens together.

In addition to being a beautiful rose, it is very fragrant.

I also have enjoyed this single rose that was already here. It leans over one of our paths. Simple is good, too.

This spring we planted floral fireworks, better known as Alliums.

I’ve discovered Astrantias. How did I not know about these? Must grow more.

We also enjoy the odd butterfly fluttering by.

One of my favourite spots in the garden is a formal box circle. There was nothing on the centre plinth when we moved in. It was overgrown and a bit sad.

I think we’ve done it proud.

We’re growing more herbs on the sunny southern side of the house. There were a few here, but no where near enough. I’ve a bit of a thing for herbs and have planted a couple of dozen different ones. Most are in pots, but some are planted in the stone wall.

Sweet peas also call this area home. The rabbits ate all the peas, sweet peas and beans that we planted elsewhere. Cheeky bunnies.

Even the shed doesn’t look too bad when the window reflects the evening sky.

Right, well, I’m going to head out into the sunshine.  There’s more work to do in the garden!


Herdy Girl


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