On Holmewood Avenue (NGS)

Who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to spend time enjoying and ambling about in lush summertime gardens?

Best Beloved and I certainly appreciated visiting the National Garden Scheme (NGS) open day in Cockermouth.  Six private gardens were graciously shared with visitors to raise money for charity.  And all were blessed with perfect weather for garden touring – sunny, but not too hot, with a gentle breeze.

The back of the map (given upon payment of our entry fee) notes that the garden on Holmewood Avenue in Cockermouth is approximately 1/4 acre.

We arrive at this second garden to find that these folks have squeezed A LOT into  1/4 acre plot.

They’ve seating areas, mixed beds and borders, two ponds, raised veggie and fruit gardens, a few fruit trees, a greenhouse, a summerhouse, and a nice composting set up.  And that’s just around back!

The owners seemed to enjoy interacting with their visitors and were friendly and knowledgeable gardeners. Their garden has grown and changed alongside their family, evolving to suit their changing needs and wants.

The Holmewood Avenue garden is productive, packed full of plants, and not adverse to a spot of fancy.

Full of ideas and plants to try in your own patch.

Happy plants abound, like the Erigeron in pots on their front porch, which have self-seeded and escaped to soften the hard surfaces nearby. (The owner said that this particular plant is quite apt to spread itself around, but easily pulled up.)

Visiting other peoples’ gardens makes a person want to rush home and get to work in their own bit of soil.

But we weren’t finished our NGS garden tours.  Two down, but four to go!


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